Saturday, April 16, 2011

Havaianas brings 20 pairs closer to Hawaii

For Havaianas and its Havaianaticos, everyday is summer and everyday is the perfect time for fun and excitement under the cool, bright and vibrant radiance of the sun!

Havaianas "Always Summer" Race to Hawaii
The hottest season of the year did not dampen the wild determination and burly toughness of 100 two-member teams as Havaianas, the world’s favorite flip flop brand, kicked off the Havaianas “Always Summer” Race to Hawaii Regional Leg last April 9, 2011 at NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Registration booth for the Regional Leg participants.
The Stage is all set.
Opening program to welcome the participants.
One hundred (100) pairs from different parts of the country— 65 teams from Metro Manila and 5 teams each from Northern Luzon, Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, Central and Eastern Visayas, Western Visayas, Northwestern Mindanao and Southeastern Mindanao, who were all drawn online from thousands of contest entries, participated the regional leg.

Teams must complete a total of six summer challenges— comprised of trivia tests and fun games, which were all situated along the venue. The challenges were: Giant Slippers challenge, Fruity Truthy, Freesbie golf, Fashion iSpy, Big bubble challenge and Water Toss. All contestants kept their energy steady with the help of the hydration stations courtesy of Powerade Sports Drink and Viva! Mineral Water.

Starting line of the race.
Ready, set, Avante!
Participants doing their best to draw the fastest time possible.
Giant slippers challenge.
Fruity truthy.
Freesbie golf.
Fashion iSpy
Big bubble challenge.
Water toss.
The 20 teams with the fastest completed time qualified for the final leg (the final leg will be held at Boracay and to be sponsored by the Tides Hotel Boracay and Seair). They all received cool gadgets from Sony and hot summer essentials from David & Goliath, Hawaiian Tropic and Havaianas. 

The team with the best time in the final leg will have the best summer experience ever as they will be sent to Hawaii for an all-expense paid trip!

Team Rosa emerged as the fastest team to complete all the challenges. Ending with a time of 28 minutes and 59 seconds, the proud team from Baguio said their presence of mind during the race strategized well with each other to get into the finals.

Awarding of winners.
National leg qualifiers who will all take the heat on at Boracay.
For latest updates on the Havaianas “Always Summer: Race to Hawaii” contest, just visit and celebrate the sunniest season to the fullest!

LETTERS TO JULIET: A Story of Second Chances

Letters to Juliet (2010) starring Amanda Seyfried and Chris Egan.
Letters to Juliet is movie which attested that true love knows no age, no time, no expiration and no boundaries.
This movie is not an ordinary love story film. It offers something more special and extraordinary. With a European love story-inspired theme, this romantic film confined a quixotic idealism for one hour and 45 minutes.
However, the movie’s start is a bit boring. But after a while until the end, it can glue your attention and all. Amanda Seyfried did an excellent job. For me, she did a better performance compared to her act on Dear JohnHer lush tandem with Christopher Egan (Charlie) is quite stirring but I think can be better. The locations where the movie was shot were awesome and moving. It added more “romantic ambiance” while watching the film.
Quite the reverse, my negative points is: it is a kind of cliché in this genre that an engaged lady will meet another man; and at the end, she and the newly met guy will live happily. How come it just goes like that! J
But after all, Letters to Juliet is good. The morals it posed can really apply to real life. That patience is really a virtue and we should never quit more especially when it is our heart that desires the thing we want. Another is that being true to yourself can make things better than what we assume how it should be by covering some of our qualities and not showing our real character. Truth will always bring the best out of all circumstances.
Some scenes from Letters to Juliet

Friday, April 15, 2011

500 Days of Summer Sunshine and Blues

500 days of Summer (2009).
A different taste of Romantic movie. A love story more of  the masculine type and the virile ego.

Most of the time, love story films are of womanish scheme and are about shuffled fun times and fault lines of the main female character. But this one is of another type, as men’s fidelity and sunshine are on precedence—on how they dream, envisage and grease their elbows for true and eternal love. 

500 Days of Summer is a perfect film of perfectly blended bliss and blues that enliven typical romantic trope with reality. It focuses on trouble-filled relationship struggling for subsistence of romantic oxygen. It is a quirky romantic tragicomedy shedding the painful side of romance and embracing the lessons of the male romantic ego.
The film stared independent film actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who played the role of Tom, a would-be architect and greeting card writer idling in LA for true love with his bold idea of one day spotting his soul mate and living with the life he wanted to have. Until he met Summer Finn, portrayed by Zooey Deschanel, a product of divorce, a smart and vintage-looking woman whose ideas are entirely modern and isn’t even entertaining the idea of love.
The day Tom first sets his eyes on Summer is the day he falls in love to her. They had built a jokey, flirtatious and giggly relationship that lasted for 500 days—bouncing from the good to the bad to the awkward, laughing, crying, sighing and sympathizing, despite the silliness and phoniness of everything that surrounds them. They played it for real, especially for Summer who bears prizing independence and treated the affair as a lark, but with a comprehension of subtlety and feeling that goes beyond the call of breezy duty.
As Tom remembers his 500 days with Summer randomly, out of narrative order, he grasped how painful the bruising business is. It seemed that the problem is that he believes in love while the other does not.
To find this a bit unrealistic, and so he blames movies, music and television for corrupting his idea of what love should ultimately look like.
Summer ends the relationship serenely—a shattering blow to the virile ego. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, a heart getting ripped out, a man on oblivion.
Who will forget the excellent scene in which, ages after their break-up, they immediately had a chance to meet again hoping that the old magic will be back on, as Tom shows up for a party that Summer had thrown and the action unfolds in split-screen showing the “Expectation” of winning Summer back and “Reality” with gradual sickening divergence.
Director Marc Webb is exceptional for his style; breathing fresh life into another funny relationship flit. With the touching script by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Webber that visualizes every man’s best-case-scenario and worst nightmare together, side by side.
Moreover, Webb also adds an innovative style to the spectacle, combining naturalistic look at love with non-linear scenes, comical vignettes and triumphant musical sequence from songs by Regina Spektor, Doves, Wolfmother and The Smiths that brings Summer and Tom together. The film’s mixture of cynicism and romance makes it perfect for the joyful couples, the recently dumped and the hopeful celibates.
The 500 days that define the beginning, middle and end of Tom and Summer proved that it is not a love story, but rather a story about love as what the film says. And as typical love story goes, the film ends full of hope, having great start anew and a better season for Tom.
500 Days of Summer is a thoroughgoing film for all—handsome guy looking for love, pretty girl looking for companionship, dorky best friends inserted for comical reliefs, split screen telephone calls, bad drunk karaoke. Undeniably complete.
Surely, everyone can go on with the film for we are such aficionados for movies we can relate into. Most especially the virile side, this is more of a tribute.
Some scenes from 500 Days of Summer

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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TITLE: Texture
PHOTO BY: Louie Florentine
LOCATION: Philippine Military Academy, Baguio City, Philippines

FORREST GUMP: A Story Of Life, Struggle And Rewards

Forrest Gump (1994), starring Tom Hanks

Featured on 1994 (I was only a year old back then), Forrest Gump is a movie which kindled the gentle guise of its viewers because of its unusual scheme of life-story. It moonlights the special abilities and hidden gifts of people with disabilities-- perfectly acted with Tom Hank's performance. Thus, it’s more of a story; and rather, it is an inspiration.
The movie started with Forrest Gump narrating how his early life went through one morning in a bus station bench. With different people sitting on the same bench, he described his struggle, all his sufferings and pains, his track on achieving his desires and all the positive outcomes these things had brought. He recounted all the people he met and how each and everyone affected his life. Until he found himself narrating with an old woman who led him on his destination—at Jenny’s, his childhood sweetheart, home.
Reaching Jenny’s home made him found out that a single night being with her conceived another Forrest Gump— full of wit and hopes. Jenny was a dying lady then and she was requesting if Forrest can take care of their baby and be his guidance all throughout Jenny’s absence. He accepted Jenny’s request and took care of little Forrest.
The film ended with Forrest with little Forrest waiting for the school bus; and little Forrest, just like his father when he was on his age, was very naïve and clever.
The movie Forrest Gump shared us the values of perseverance, determination, fortitude and courage. That in due time all the negativities we experienced which tried to let us down will be paid off, and things better than what we are expecting will be given to us. The movie also explained our journey in life will be filled with distress and afflictions– normal things which will test our capabilities on how far can we go. Moreover, Forrest Gump inspired us to help and to inspire other people, despite of all our imperfections and weaknesses.
For Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.
Some scenes from Forrest Gump