Tuesday, April 12, 2011

127 HOURS: A Review From the Virile Ego's Perspective

Not everyone has given the gift of being an adventurer. Adventurers are the best creation of God for they are the ones who will do anything just to experience and see all the hidden wonders of the earth. But on every adventurer’s trek, just the same in our own adventure as simple individuals in this escapade called life, it is but essential that they will meet accidents and hindrances that will best test on how far they can go, on how persistent they can be and on until where and when their hope and faith can lead them.

Aron Ralston (James Franco) best described the kind of adventurer God wants us to be. Or our loved ones want for us to be the kind of. Aron, despite all the pain and storms he experienced during his adventure, never had the option to quit. His persistence and wisdom made him conquer all the obstructions he had met in his venture.

I admire his being jolly; that in the midst of being tested, he still had the chance of being blissful and happy. I also salute his virile personality—never coward, always tough, strong, wise and patient. His decision of cutting his right arm by himself is indeed a very fearless choice! He didn’t mind the extreme pain; for he had set his mind that there are lots of people loving him; and there are numerous people in the future that would just start loving him and will continue to be until the rest of his life.

127 Hours taught me to be patient in my goals—whether a long term goal, or a short term one. That I should be ready to all the possible setbacks that may arise in my quest. That I should be ready to surrender something I love and works greatly for me in order to achieve all my aspirations. For in due time, everything would be paid off and I will receive bigger and better things than I asked for.

Some scenes from 127 Hours

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