Saturday, April 16, 2011

LETTERS TO JULIET: A Story of Second Chances

Letters to Juliet (2010) starring Amanda Seyfried and Chris Egan.
Letters to Juliet is movie which attested that true love knows no age, no time, no expiration and no boundaries.
This movie is not an ordinary love story film. It offers something more special and extraordinary. With a European love story-inspired theme, this romantic film confined a quixotic idealism for one hour and 45 minutes.
However, the movie’s start is a bit boring. But after a while until the end, it can glue your attention and all. Amanda Seyfried did an excellent job. For me, she did a better performance compared to her act on Dear JohnHer lush tandem with Christopher Egan (Charlie) is quite stirring but I think can be better. The locations where the movie was shot were awesome and moving. It added more “romantic ambiance” while watching the film.
Quite the reverse, my negative points is: it is a kind of cliché in this genre that an engaged lady will meet another man; and at the end, she and the newly met guy will live happily. How come it just goes like that! J
But after all, Letters to Juliet is good. The morals it posed can really apply to real life. That patience is really a virtue and we should never quit more especially when it is our heart that desires the thing we want. Another is that being true to yourself can make things better than what we assume how it should be by covering some of our qualities and not showing our real character. Truth will always bring the best out of all circumstances.
Some scenes from Letters to Juliet

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