Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be in Love with A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Indeed, we are all aficionados of movies which we can relate into. Because of this, most of us can surely click with this Thai movie “A Crazy Little Called Love (First Love).”

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a typical high school love story-themed movie but with a heartfelt deepness that made the film more stirring and fine. The story of four youngsters in their journey of experiencing their teenage romance, with emphasis on P-Nam’s (Pimchanok Luewisetpaiboon), is but comical and entertaining. With different genres in one movie, this one had proved that love is not skin-deep; rather, it goes beyond senses’ perception.

Moreover, this movie attested that first love/true love would not always be a barrier on playing our responsibilities and achieving our goals (in this case, pursuing education and family responsibilities). Thus, like what P’Nam did, it can be an effective avenue on becoming the better “us” and can serve as an inspiration on attaining our aims and trance.

The movie also underscored that we should not always be weaken by our fears. Facing them is more of an obligation. And by doing so opens more rewards. This was shown when P’Shone (Mario Maurer) took the risk of taking the penalty kick— a big fear for him which was caused by his father’s failure.

Another one is that this movie showed that waiting for the “right one” will lead us on having the “best one.” That real love waits and rushing out things might cause a perfect mess. Fate didn’t let P’Nam and P’Shon to be together on their early ages, but they become on the perfect time.

All in all, this movie escorted its viewers to the world were teenage dreams were made, crafted and fulfilled. This one is a must to watch, not only to experience the shiver and tingle of a quirky romance, but also to stand as a moral and guide for teenagers’ plight. 

Some scenes from A Crazy Little Thing Called Love