Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty McCreery is the Newest American Idol!

So Scotty McCreery hailed as the new American Idol.

I admire this man’s choice of music. Country music for our age (we’re both 17 years old) is not that so-appealing but Scotty still preferred to stick with it. Thus proving that music knows no generation and each genre applies to anybody. In Filipino, walang makaluma.

Season 10’s finale had a great line up of artists which made this season one of the bests of all American Idol finales. From Beyonce to Gaga and even JLo and Steven, themselves. It was also nice to see the top 13 of this year’s Idol. With my early bets, Pia Tuscano, Casey Abrams and Thia Megia.

Looking forward to see and hear more of Scotty McCreery and also Lauren Alaina.

Below is Scotty’s first single, I Love You This Big.