Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why the 90’s children have to watch Titanic in 3D

When Titanic was first shown in silver screen in 1997, I assume, we, the early 90s children, were just about four to seven years old way back then. And we are the ones who did not actually watch it in movie houses! Instead, we’ve seen Titanic for the first time either in a free TV premiere in a local TV station or by playing the bulky three VHS-tape set of the movie in our VHS players at home. And if your chance happens to be the latter, I hope you can still remember the red Ferrari VHS rewinder.

The question is, why do we have to watch Titanic in 3D this April?

The big deal is not how it will be shown once more—whether in 2D, 3D or in iMax. But the big deal here is that the reviewing of Titanic is a good chance for us, former kiddos, to feel what Titanic really has to offer and to bring us back the nostalgia now that we are in our bidding-gooddbye-teenhood years.

So grab your tickets now and set your eyes as one of the biggest ships ever made in the world witness a confession of true endless love and a timeless journey.