Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Day When I Wasted 250 Bucks

Last Sunday, my friend Aileen invited me to watch a movie with her ex (who is also my friend). I told her that I want to watch Angel Locsin's In The Name of Love because I've been hearing a lot of positive reviews 'bout that one. 
In the Name of Love
Most of my friends have already watched that and they told me the story was nice and it offers something different. As you have noticed to my movie reviews, I am a sucker for romantic movies. But Aileen hesitated with that one because as she have said "Ala, napanood ko na yan. Iba naman."

Because she's the only girl in the group, and she was acting like a boss :) we all agreed to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 3D. Just like before, I lost the chance to watch the one I wanted to watch. So we bought the ticket, foods and everything was ready. We only have to wait for the showing time.
Kung Fu Panda 2
The ticket which costs 250 bucks
There was a free drink with every ticket purchased but the redeeming lane for it was in long queue. It was already 2:50 (showing time) and Kevin (Aileen's ex, my friend) was still in line. We entered the movie house at 3:02 and we're definitely late. The movie had already started.

As I took my seat, with 3D glasses on, I thought to myself "You sure you're watching this one?" because I do not like animated movies so much (Up and Toy Story are exceptions). Then I felt bored. I just focused with my popcorn and with my soda. Then after a while, I didn't noticed that I have already slept in Aileen's shoulder. 

Imagine that! I slept to something I paid for. I supposed to be wide awake! That was not a hotel. HAHA. :)

Then the movie ended without a satisfaction feeling in myself. Maybe if I watched In the Name of Love, i'll be kind'a happy. So that was the day when I wasted 250 bucks. :)