Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FORREST GUMP: A Story Of Life, Struggle And Rewards

Forrest Gump (1994), starring Tom Hanks

Featured on 1994 (I was only a year old back then), Forrest Gump is a movie which kindled the gentle guise of its viewers because of its unusual scheme of life-story. It moonlights the special abilities and hidden gifts of people with disabilities-- perfectly acted with Tom Hank's performance. Thus, it’s more of a story; and rather, it is an inspiration.
The movie started with Forrest Gump narrating how his early life went through one morning in a bus station bench. With different people sitting on the same bench, he described his struggle, all his sufferings and pains, his track on achieving his desires and all the positive outcomes these things had brought. He recounted all the people he met and how each and everyone affected his life. Until he found himself narrating with an old woman who led him on his destination—at Jenny’s, his childhood sweetheart, home.
Reaching Jenny’s home made him found out that a single night being with her conceived another Forrest Gump— full of wit and hopes. Jenny was a dying lady then and she was requesting if Forrest can take care of their baby and be his guidance all throughout Jenny’s absence. He accepted Jenny’s request and took care of little Forrest.
The film ended with Forrest with little Forrest waiting for the school bus; and little Forrest, just like his father when he was on his age, was very naïve and clever.
The movie Forrest Gump shared us the values of perseverance, determination, fortitude and courage. That in due time all the negativities we experienced which tried to let us down will be paid off, and things better than what we are expecting will be given to us. The movie also explained our journey in life will be filled with distress and afflictions– normal things which will test our capabilities on how far can we go. Moreover, Forrest Gump inspired us to help and to inspire other people, despite of all our imperfections and weaknesses.
For Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.
Some scenes from Forrest Gump

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