Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make Hiccups while watching Love at First Hiccup

Love at First Hiccup (2009)

Boys, can you remember that moment in your high school when you fell in love for a senior while you’re still in your freshman year? I’m sure most of us had experienced the thing. But more than this, did you pursue the feeling or just lest it slipped away?

The 2009 film Love at First Hiccup starring Scout Taylor-Compton and Devon Werkheiser showed that love really knows no boundaries. It can be fashioned between two people regardless of their age, status and all.

The movie is a twist of funny romantic scheme which can bring us to the old memories of our teenage years. The movie reminded me of all the tender memories my high school gave me. Moreover, it also gave me the chance to recall how I was dumped by some and how my journey went through until I found the one I deserve to be with.

The story is quite usual; but glad to say, there are elements in the movie which are very dreamy and effective. The humour in it is effective for it made me do some hiccups in laughing. (Kind’a weird, right?) Especially in the scenes of false sex between Anya (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Peter (Ken Luckey) and the condom dilemma of Victor (Devon Werkheiser). Furthermore, symbolisms used in the film are very creative—like the cactus, video camera and the hiccup itself.

The movie also posed some important reminders for teenagers. That they should always be ready for whatever thing that might happen because accidental things can lead us to something we don’t deserve to have right now. It also highlights fame and riches will never always cause bringing us the things we want. 

Some scenes from Love at First Hiccup

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