Friday, May 13, 2011

Batangas City Environmental Code, Ordinance No. 16, Series of 2010

Can Batangueños make it? 

I was riding a jeepney going to school when I first heard about No Styrofoam and Plastic campaign of Batangas City. Indeed, this is a good move to protect and preserve the environment. With the increasing rate of environmental degradation due to human actions and its aftermaths, this campaign can really help a lot. 

But many are asking how would this be possible? Here's the full scripture of section 84 of the Batangas City E-Code (Ordinance No. 16, Series of 2010). This can enlighten us about the code and can also remind us on the actions that we will do for the next month. 

Section 84.  Regulation on the Use of Plastic and Styrofoam Materials for Packaging

The City hereby adopts the following regulation on the use of plastic and styrofoam materials for 
packaging in all business transactions within the City.

The use of plastic bags as packaging materials for dry goods is prohibited.  All business establishments shall pack dry good products in biodegradable materials such as recycled product carton boxes and paper bags. Dry goods maybe packed in plastic bags or non-biodegradable packing materials provided that such packing materials were supplied by the costumers. The use of plastic bags on wet goods (e.g. fresh fish., meat products) is regulated. Plastic bags maybe used for such products as a primary packaging material. No business establishment shall offer or sell plastic bags to be used as secondary packaging material or as primary packaging on dry goods. 

The use of Styrofoam as packaging materials or as containers for food, fruits and vegetables containers is also prohibited.

Plastic bags and Styrofoam containers are hereby de-categorized under non-biodegradable wastes and hence shall not be collected during the collection schedule for non-biodegradable waste products under the regular Solid Waste Collection program. These waste materials shall be surrendered to their respective barangay MRF provided that these materials must be cleaned and dried prior to its turn over to the Barangay.

The City ENRO shall monitor the effective implementation of the banning of plastic after six months of massive information campaign and coordination with affected business establishments. Gradual implementation of banning of use of plastic materials shall be observed on following stages;

Stage 1 (6 months from approval of this E-code) – Implementation shall cover Market 1, 2, 3 and all local government institution and all enterprises within its premises.

Stage 2 (8 months from approval of this E-code) – Implementation shall cover all educational institutions.

Stage 3 (2 years from approval of this E-code) – Implementation shall cover all business enterprises within Urban Areas of the City.

Stage 4 (3 years from approval of this E-code) – Full implementation of the banning of use of styrofoam and non-environmentally accepted and thin plastic materials.

Information Education and Communication Campaign - The City shall promote this regulation though the conduct of massive information education and communication campaign using media (print, radio, television and internet) for six month upon approval and effectivity of this code.  


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  2. Hello man! Thanks for that. Batangas City is indeed a wonderful city! Not only because of the tourist destinations and beaches, but because of its people as well. :)