Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Creed for the Future Engineers

I cant believe that next academic year, I'll be on my third year in the Engineering course. My option of taking it up is now or never, everything of uncertainty, wasnt sure if it's for me or not. My thing is that, I'll make a try and if it works, then go on. Never had I thought that I can make it this slight-far. And look where I am now! But I came this through not only because of my own efforts; not only of my parents', but also because of the effort and inspiration imparted to me by those "common strangers." Those people who always helped me in most of my setbacks for the past two years. 

Maybe this can serve as my material of appreciation for each and everyone of them. For treating me rightly, and if not, for making me learn my lessons. 

Well I'm talking about my classmates for the past two years being on the General Engineering course. For others, the engineer-hopefuls; but for me, the future engineers. They are the ones who stood by my side for every sunrise and goodbyes, and who never looked at me as how I became, but to how I really am. These are the "common strangers." The strangers whom I had never been afraid of talking to. The strangers who not only helped me, but also inspired me, taught me life lessons, brought me to an infinite bliss, and loved me. Well, "loved" is not a good term, because if not for all, then some, may continue to love me.

I am so lucky meeting these people and spending two academic years with them. Our journey to being what we want to be is still quite far.Two years is only the beginning. More brain whacking exams to take and more cups of coffee to drink and to be with while studying until dawn. More group study thingy and more stressful days and nights. More unexpected things that might, and eventually, happen. But if to face with a curve on the face, just like what we did, things will not only be accomplished, but will be successfully done. 

To my dearest friends and classmates, Thank you, good luck, and God bless us all.

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